Olive Oil

We have searched high and low and found a sublime extra virgin olive oil in the North West of Italy.

The region of Liguria benefits from sub tropical breezes from the Mediterranean, the temperate climate gives ideal growing conditions for the traditional taggiasca cultivar.

A minute olive farm producing only 200 litres a year (a work of passion rather than profit). The olives are harvested in the traditional way using only natural methods. The cold pressing (which produces the best extraction) takes place within 8 hours of the olives being taken from the trees, called prima sprimitura. This ensures the envious acidity of less than 0.04%.

The oil has an intense yellow golden colour with a green hue. Delicate aromatic notes of fresh almonds, white pepper and artichoke. The palette is full and unctuous yet at the same time light and delicate that leads to an intense harmonious finish.

Typical of the production in Liguria, this oil is great with fish, fresh vegetables, and salads or simply on its own with fresh country bread.

This Ligurian olive oil stands out and is an exceptional example of hands on micro production.

Our oil is offered in very limited quantities and its production is available exclusively at the Boudin Blanc.

Bottle Size:200 ml £12 plus P&P

520 ml £26 plus P&P