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After the dour French film Before the Winter Chill at Curzon Mayfair a heart-warming Boudin Blanc with pistachios served with pommes mousseline and port jus at the agreeably traditional Le Boudin Blanc in Shepherd Market.

There was a time when Shepherd Market was best known as the place where well-to-do British businessmen could go for discreet trysts with upscale prostitutes. Now the neighborhood's louche reputation has given way to one of trendiness, as a number of intimate, fashionable restaurants have moved into this tiny Mayfair enclave. Among the most inviting is Le Boudin Blanc, a bustling two-story French bistro with a menu heavy on traditional offerings — rabbit terrine, Dover sole, braised lamb shank — along with some unexpected touches, like ravioli stuffed with Devon crab on a bed of wilted spinach. If the weather's nice, try to reserve one of the outdoor tables. Dinner for two, with a modest bottle of wine, runs about £100. 

A well-recognised feature of Mayfair's Shepherd Market for years, this is the place for authentic French indulgence. It can get noisy at busy times, but a choice of good Armagnacs aids relaxation. 

This Mayfair must-try is still serving up bistro food en plus! Excellent wine list accompanies the do-not-miss country French cuisine. 

As Gallic as its name, this atmospheric bistro off Shepherd Market offers a genuine taste of Paris in Mayfair. It's much loved for its warmly romantic atmosphere, rustic cluttered decor and skilfully wrought classic French food. The menu kicks off in true style with assorted 'entrées' ranging from Chalosse foie gras and dried fruit terrine to snails with garlic and parsley butter before a choice of 'poissons' and 'viandes' including - say - Riviera-style baked John Dory with bay leaves, beef tartare with French fries or roast rump of veal with thyme, salsify, Swiss chard and tarragon jus. Tarte Tatin, crème brûlée and hot chocolate fondant with orange and Grand Marnier sorbet are typically patriotic desserts and the wine list also flies the flag for France. 

“Le Boudin Blanc promises more than your average French pitstop. Service is young & bustling, but takes proper care… Droll artworks & bare tables add to the Rive Gauche appeal.” 

“Le Boudin Blanc is quintessentially French in appearance where woods are treated to look old, floors and walls chemically distressed, and quality virgin-white cloth is soflty blended under the low light of stalagmite candles. I have been to LBB, I think at time of posting this review, four times. It is always very, very good in terms of food and service.” 

Boudin Blanc, sister restaurant of another couth little place in South Kensington called La Bouchee, doesn't call for critical attention. It doesn't seem to need it… The staff waited patiently for us to leave so they could shut. I suspect they are old hands at dealing with customers who are having rather too much fun, too late….” …continue reading here

Unlike many other French restaurants in London, which serve mediocre food and have little or no atmosphere, Le Boudin Blanc smacks of the authentic French gastronomic experience. The moment you step into the restaurant from Mayfair's romantic Shepherds Market, you feel like you have been transported miles southward into the culinary heart of France. …continue reading here.